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When the Sky's Doom closes

As the the end of the times approaches, the sky's doom will be closed to the prayers of the repenting to God, it is well known among the majority of Muslims, but why ? This is very important question which its answer will reveal a lot of the incomprehensible events and activities in our modern world.
It is well understood among those who practice sufism and whom are against it -satanists- that the saints and good pious righteous persons are the main cause for the descending of God's mercy on earth, so it was a vital need for those whom follow the opposite way of the divine guidance to distract the humans away by very different means which all of it have a common sense of divine opposition, like wars which push people to atheism, glorifying ego, porn contents on broadcasted media, and the very atheistic philosophies which oppose the true spiritual essence of the old traditions.
Cause this will result in decreasing the faith and spiritual activities on the earth, which will inevitably means the disappearing and scarceness of the saints and the guided persons from the earth which will be followed by the closing of the Sky's Doom.
Which is for me just a symbol for the no descending of the mercy of the God, cause most of people will no more worship or pray the almighty God.
But is there any physical meaning or explanation for such event, i mean the Sky's Doom closing ?
I think yes, although i have just said above that it is a symbol, but this symbol might be explained in other way.
It seems that God made the descending of

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The origin of Theosophy and the beginning of the New Age Religion





The founder and guiding light of theosophy was a woman named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891). She spent more than twenty years traveling the world, meeting with experts in the occult. She was initiated into secret societies all over the globe. She studied in Egypt, Mexico, Tibet, Canada, and the United States, where she met Colonel Henry Olcott (1832-1907). He was a scientist and a lawyer who had been investigating the new phenomenon of Spiritualism  for years. The two of them formed the Theosophical Society in 1875, convinced that science and the occult supernatural could expand both mind and spiritual power. In 1878 Blavatsky published Isis Revealed, in which she looked to the wisdom of the ancient masters for guidance in the modern world.

It soon became obvious to them that real wisdom could only be found in the East. So they traveled to India, where they established their headquarters in Madras, thus they linked  their understanding of Theosophy with both Buddhism and Hinduism. They took such a proactive position for Indian independence from Britain and so become friends  with the local Hindu intellectual community, and then Theosophy began to flourish.

Mrs Blavatsky published her most important work, The Secret Doctrines, in 1888 . It shows a lot of Hindu spiritual influence  with its imagery of the One universal principle, which flows through all things, fighting through creation and then returning to the One. All reality is one universal consciousness. Humans, existing at different spiritual levels, are linked to the One.

Later Theosophical leaders developed a whole master hierarchy. Solar Logos rules the

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La sagesse sublime cachée dans l'histoire du prophète Moïse selon Ibn Arabi, 1ère partie

bw imaginary pic

Selon sa signification spirituelle, le meurtre des enfants mâles ( des Israélites, meurtre ordonné par Pharaon ) dans le but de détruire le prophète ( dont la naissance lui avait été prédite) eut lieu pour que la vie de chaque enfant tué dans cette intention affluât à Moise, car ce fut en supposant qu'il était Moïse que chacun de ces enfants fut tué; or, il n'y a pas d'igorance dans l'ordre cosmique , de sorte que la vie c'est à dire l'esprit vital de chacune de ces victimes dut nécessairement revenir à Moïse. C'était de la vie pure , primordiale, n'ayant pas été souillée par des désirs égoïstes. Moïse était donc de part sa constitution psychique la somme des vies de ceux qui avaient été tués dans l'intention de le détruire. Dés lors, tout ce qui était préfiguré dans la prédisposition psychique de chaque enfant tué se retrouvait en Moïse, ce qui représente une faveur divine exceptionnelle que personne avant lui n'avait reçues.

Moïse est donc né comme une synthèse de beaucoup d'esprit vitaux, qui étaient au tant de forces actives.

Pour ce qui est de la sagesse impliquée dans le fait que Moïse a été mis dans une arche et abandonné au Nil, Ibn Arabi explique que l'arche correspond à son réceptacle humain ( Anasut) et le Nil à la connaisance qu'il dut assimiler par l'entremise de ce corps; c'est à dire par le moyen de la pensée et des facultés de sensation et d'imagination, facultés qui ne sauraint transmettre quelque chose à l'âme humaine sans

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المكان الذي اود ان اهرب اليه



هرج و مرج في كل مكان, قتل و تشريد  و اعتقال و ذبح و شريد أسر و عائلات, حروب هنا و ثورات هناك, أنه الجنون , انه الغضب المستعر الذي لا يمكن اطفائه

حقد و غلّ مرعب طاقات سلبية في كل مكان, كل حزب مستعد للفتك بالحزب المضاد له بدون اي رحمة !

بيوت مفتتة و مشتتة ما بين مؤيد و معارض

تلوث في الجو مرعب و زحام خانق , و حزن مستمر , لا سعادة في الافق قد نقنع أنفسنا اننا ان صبرنا قد ننشدها

الوضع اصبح سيء للغاية !

طبقات الناس متصارعة بشكل غير مرئي , تنتظر الطبقة الدنيا الفتك بالطبقة الاعلى منها بدون رحمة لكن بقية خوف من قانون و شبه نظام و دولة متعثرة تمنعهم من ذلك

الحقد و الحسد يملأ النفوس

و تطاحن الطبقات يثير الاشمئزاز و لا يشعرك بحالة ارتياح

" Know yourself "the origin, the meaning and the purpose, explained by René Guénon 3/3

vota platon

Without this understanding , no teaching can lead to an efficient result , and teaching that does not awaken in those who received it a personal resonance can not provide any kind of knowledge. This is why Plato said that " everything that man learns is already in him." All experiences , all the external things around  are indeed an opportunity to help him  realize what is in  himself . this awakening is what Plato calls amnesics , which means " remembrance ". If this is true for all knowledge, this is even more for a higher and deep  knowledge, and when the man  advance to this knowledge, all exterior and sensitive resources become increasingly inadequate, until ' they finally lose all utility . If they can help to get close to the wisdom to some degree , they are powerless to actually acquire it and it is commonly said in India that the real guru or master is in man himself and not in the outside world , although an exterior help may be useful in the beginning to prepare man to find in himself and by himself what he can not find elsewhere, and particularly what is above the level of rational knowledge . In order to achieve this knowledge ,it s necessary to realize  some  states which get more deep towards the center , which is symbolized by the heart , where the consciousness of man must be transferred to make him able to reach  the real knowledge.

These statements which were realized in the ancient mysteries were degrees in the

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" Know yourself "the origin, the meaning and the purpose, explained by René Guénon 2/3


So there is a preparation for the wisdom which is higher than philosophy , which doesnot concern  the reason, but the soul and spirit , and we can call it inner preparation , and it seems it had been the highest levels of the school of Pythagoras . It has extended its influence through the school of Plato to the neo -Platonism of the Alexandrian school , where it appears  clearly again . If for this inner preparation words are still used , these  could no longer be taken only as symbols for fixing the inner contemplation.By this preparation , man is led to some states that allow him to exceed the rational knowledge that he  previously achieved , and  as all this is above the level of reason , its was also above philosophy since the name of philosophy is always used in fact to describe something that belongs only to the reason  . However, it is surprising that  modern  consider philosophy as if it were complete in itself , and so they forget what is higher . .

The first philosophers, especially Pythagoras , had consider their education , as being a new expression of the old ideas . There were several kinds of mysteries with diverse origins. Those that inspired Pythagoras and Plato were related to the cult of Apollo . "Mysteries" always had a reserved and secret character , the word "mystery"  itself  means etymologically the  total silence , since things which are related to could not be expressed by words , but only taught by a silent way . But modern who ignore any other method which doesnt involve the use of words,  falsely believed ,  that there was no teaching . We can say that this silent teaching was using figures , symbols, and other means designed to bring man to the inner states allowing him to gradually achieve the  real knowledge or wisdom  . This was the essential and ultimate goal of all the "mysteries" .

As for the "mysteries" that were specifically related to the cult of Apollo and Apollo himself , it must be remembered that he was the God of sun and light ,in the spiritual sense it s   the source from where  all knowledge  , arts and sciences derive.

موضة العلمانية



هناك موضة الحاد و علمانية جارفة تجتاح الناس, شيء مرعب , الاعلام و ليس الاخوان هو من شوّه صورة المتدين, يجب عليك ان تخفي اسلامك, فالمساجد و الزوايا قفلّت ,و ان كان الله سبحانه و تعالى قد شرع لنا من الدين ان الأرض كل الأرض هي  مسجد طهورا, يأتي من يشرّع لنا ان المساجد هي من زاد مساحتها عن ثمانين متر مربع و من قلّ عن ذلك فهو ليس مصلّى و لا تصلي فيه!

أهكذا هداكم شيطانكم الرجيم الى شر السبيل, أهكذا تحاربون جماعة الأخوان التى نرفض أفكارها, ان معاداة الأخوان يا سادة لا تعني بالضرورة ان نعادي الاسلام و حتى ان لم يصرّحوا بذلك, نعم ان الاخوان لا يمثلون الاسلام و لا يمثلون أهل السنة و لكن مهاجمة كل ما يمت للأسلام بصلة شيء فعلا مخيف,ان المزاج العام في مصر الان هو محاداة الدين شئت أم أبيت , فهذا شيء يقرّره من كان له ذرة عقل و منطق, فطبيعة الناس اصبحت أكثر ماديّة بشكل مرعب و هذا بكل بساطة اصبح واقع و ملاحظ من نوع الفنون الهابط و الأغاني الماجنة و الأفلام الساقطة التى تعرض على مرأى و مسمع الشعب المصري التى و يالا العجب تلاقي اقبالا عظيما و مشهودا منهم.

هذه هي النهاية يا سادة لقد انحطت اخلاق و اولويات الشعب المصري بشكل مرعب فهم اصبحوا أهل دنيا, و يبحثون عن اللذة الوقتية و المصلحة الآنية.

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" Know yourself " the origin, the meaning and the purpose, explained by René Guénon 1/3


delphes greece

"Know yourself , " we usually repeat this sentence,  but we often lose sight of the true meaning . Concerning  the confusion existing about  this sentence two questions should be raised : the first concerns the origin of this expression , the second its real meaning and purpose. Some readers may believe that these two issues are completely separate and have no relation between them .

After reflexion , and after careful consideration; it is clear that they are closely related .

If you ask those who have studied Greek philosophy , who is the man who first  had pronounced this wise sentence , most of them will not hesitate to tell that  the author of this maxim is Socrates, yet some argue that it can belong   to Plato and others to Pythagoras. After these conflicting opinions,  we have the  right to conclude that this sentence was written by none of these philosophers , and it is not with them that we must seek it s origin, simply because two of these philosophers , Pythagoras and Socrates didn't leave anything written . As for Plato , whatever its philosophical jurisdiction is , we are not able to distinguish what was said by him or by his teacher Socrates.

Much of the doctrine of the latter is only known by us   through Plato, and we know , moreover, that it is in the teaching of

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The invasion of west, a satanic mission

When resistance to a foreign invasion is done by a  Western nation , it is called "patriotism" and is worthy of all the praise , when it is done by eastern people it's called " fanaticism " or " xenophobia "and deserves all hatred and disdain..
Besides, it s not by the name of " Right " and "Freedom " and "Justice" and " Civilization " that the Europeans are trying to impose their domination , and forbid any one to live and to think otherwise they do  ?,
There is in the West now only two kinds of people , who are not better and interesting than each others : the naive and silly who allow themselves to beleive in  these big words and believe in their "civilizing mission" , unaware that they are materialistic barbarism  , and the tricky skilled  wo abuse of these silly people to satisfy their instincts of violence and greed.
In any case, what  is certain, is that  easterns have never threatened anyone and never thought much to invade the West in one way

L'Écorce et le noyau dans toutes les religions

Exotérisme et ésotérisme, ces deux domaines respectifs sont définit par les soufis comme suit: le premier, accessible au plus grand nombre, constitue, d'après une métaphore utilisée par Ibn Arabi, l'« écorce » de la doctrine, tandis que le second en est le « noyau » et est réservé à une « élite », seule apte à en tirer véritablement profit.
Cette distinction entre ésotérisme et exotérisme, se rencontre dans la plupart des traditions orthodoxes,.mais, la tradition islamique est  peut-être celle où est marquée le plus nettement la distinction de  l'exotérisme et de l'ésotérisme, la voie exotérique, , étant représentée par la shariyah, et est commune à tous,  tandis que la « vérité » intérieure, réservée à l'élite , est appelée haqiah. Cet ésotérisme  n'est point quelque chose de nouveau ou surajouté à la doctrine islamique, quelque chose qui serait venu s'y adjoindre après coup et du dehors, mais  en est au contraire une partie essentielle puisque, sans lui, elle serait manifestement incomplète, quant à son principe même.
Ce cœur de la doctrine est en même temps ce qui est commun à toutes les traditions spirituelles

مدونة بن عربي : الصوفية هي الحق هى المعرفة النورانية اللدنية

مدونة بن عربي : الصوفية هي الحق هى المعرفة النورانية اللدونية